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Hope Estate Shop (Grand Case)

Hope Estate Shop Hope Estate Shop Bubble Shop is a specialized shop in :

- Scuba Diving & Snorkeling Equipment:
from the simple snorkel to the wetsuit orto the diving computer , you will for sure find what you need in Mares Cressi & Technisub brands !!!!!
- Swimming ( for any level ):
*for beginners : swimming belts, kickboards, arm bands ....
*for swimming lovers : goggles, swim cap, special fins ....
*for professionnals: paddles, pullboys .....
*for the addicts: monofins, facial snorkels .....
in Mares, Cressi, Head & Sommap brands

- Spearfishing & Free Diving:
dive shop Scuba Diving Shop
you will find either spearguns with rubber or with compressed air, special long fins, special masks, gloves and all accessories in Mares & Cressi brands !!!!
Spearfishing is only allowed in specific spots and you can only catch specific fishes so please contact the Marine Park Association if you have any doubt !!!!
We all have to contribute to the protection of marine life !!!!!

-  Action Sports:
feel like having fun : you have the choice between bodyboards or skimboards Unflatable Paddle Boards !!!
you need accessories : we have bodyboard’s fins, leashes, body bags, wax, paddles !!!!

-  Beach Accessories:
Hope Estate Dive center Hope estate Dive center
*to protect you : rashgards, sun cream, umbrellas, sun hat ....
*to have fun : sand toys, balls,rackets, flying discs....
*to keep your personal belongings dry: dry bags, dry pockets ....

Bubble Shop is open from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 1 pm and 3 pm to 5.30pm / Saturday from 9am to 1pm
The shop is located in front of Grand Case’s airport, in Hope Estate Commercial Area just in front of Bacchus shop.

Hope to see you soon !!!!!

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